IHBC@COP26 signpost: Tulip rejected due to embodied carbon and heritage concerns

The Tulip skyscraper will not be built after a government panel found it to be ‘poor and unsympathetic to the historical context’ of the capital, and the ‘highly unsustainable’ ‘reinforced concrete for the foundations and lift shaft’.

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… setting would harm views of nearby world heritage sites…. stand out as ‘different and less cohesive’…[and use] vast quantities of reinforced concrete…

The BBC writes:

The 1,000ft (305m) tower was initially approved by the City of London Corporation, but the plans were rejected by London’s mayor.

An appeal was launched by those behind the tower but it has been dismissed by the planning inspectorate.

Sadiq Khan said he was delighted with the result….

The 210-page report from the government’s planning inspectorate lays out the reasons for dismissing the appeal, which had been launched by architect Foster + Partners and their client Jacob Safra.

Reasons for rejecting the plans included:

  • The setting would harm views of nearby world heritage sites including the Tower of London
  • It would stand out as ‘different and less cohesive’ beside other local buildings
  • Using vast quantities of reinforced concrete for the foundations and lift shaft was ‘highly unsustainable’

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