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… truly career-forming roles for top level conservation professionals…

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ‘Our ‘heads up’ for this round of the ‘Jobs etcservice is for truly career-forming roles for top level conservation professionals:

  • House of Commons: Head of Conservation Architecture Houses of Parliament
  • University of Oxford: Head of Conservation and Buildings, Estate Services, and
  • National Trust: Head of Placemaking & Design

In addition we have at Historic England a Senior Policy Adviser post.

Complementing all these are no less than 7 Conservations Officer posts, at High Peak and Staffordshire Moorlands; Enfield Council; Peak District National Park; Darlington; Bournemouth Christchurch Poole; South Derbyshire and, finally, Gloucester.

‘Inevitably these Jobs etcservice posts reflect the exceptionally wide spectrum of roles too IHBC skills sets, and are all encompassed in the IHBC Areas of Competence and our Conservation Cycle.  These practice areas are detailed in our MATE application support sessions and guidance, and in the models we use to assess interdisciplinary competence in line with international conservation practice standards.’

Outside these headline and core conservation officer roles, postings are more scarce this round – a reflection of the time of year – but, potentially, no less career-shaping.

The Glasgow Building Preservation Trust’s search for a Director represents a leading role in from the third sector.

Continuing for churches, we have the Diocese of St Albans’ ‘Support Officer’ role as an interesting early career opportunity.

At the same time Smith Jenkins’s call for Heritage & Townscape Consultants/Planners (all levels), coming from the private sector, as well as HESPR member, Purcell’s, call for a Building Surveyor, both shows substantial vibrancy across disciplines there too.

Taken together, our recent posts demonstrate the strong and diverse fundamentals for those planning careers in the sector.

In summary, recent posts include those below (all with different application dates, some closed and with external links inactive):

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