IHBC Signpost: Three standards set to impact the built environment in 2023, ex BSI

As the UK’s national standards body, BSI publishes a plethora of standards to support those who operate within the built environment and Dan Rossiter FCIAT, sector lead at BSI and vice-president technical at CIAT, highlights three in particular.

… PAS 2080 will no doubt be key in the realisation of our net-zero targets….

BIMPlus writes:

Last year, Rossiter highlighted several changes being made to the UK BIM Framework, the UK’s overarching approach to information management using BIM. This year he has chosen the standards he feels will have the biggest impact on the sector.

  1. PAS 2080

In 2019, the UK became the first major economy with a binding target to reach net-zero emissions by 2050….

With net zero being a key priority for many, and with initiatives such as Zero Construct gaining prominence, PAS 2080 will no doubt be key in the realisation of our net-zero targets. PAS 2080 is expected to be published in spring 2023….

  1. BS 8670

During 2022, there was no word more significant for the built environment sector than “competence”. With the release of PAS 8671… good practice was made available for almost anyone who interfaces with higher-risk residential buildings…

BS 8670 is expected to be published in autumn 2023.

  1. BSI Flex 1965

While the standards that constitute the UK BIM Framework are likely to remain static this year, the revision of BSI Flex 1965 will no doubt act as a catalyst for its adoption. BSI Flex 1965, first published in 2022, supports procurers to augment specifications and contract documentation with the characteristics of the UK BIM Framework….

BSI Flex 1965 is expected to be published in summer 2023.

Bonus: BS 99001

… BS 99001 has been produced to realise these improvements through the introduction of additional requirements to ISO 9001…

BS 99001 is already available, with an expected corrigendum in spring 2023….

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