IHBC’s Virtual School extends across the globe…. very positively, if with a very light touch: 5 continents reach us, and 97% would repeat!

Analysis of some of the early data coming back from the IHBC’s 2020 Virtual School shows that we reached most continents – even if with some tiny numbers and including some familiar, if very welcome, faces – while overall  feedback on the experience was very high, with 97% saying they ‘would attend another similar IHBC event’.

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘We’re already looking ahead to Brighton 2021 – led by our volunteers in the IHBC’s host South East Branch – and absorbing the early lessons from the Virtual School.  These are very positive, and indicate the huge potential we can tap into if we integrate virtual and live experiences effectively in 2021, while necessarily remaining responsive to any problems the pandemic might bring!’

‘…we reached most continents..’

Interim Virtual School feedback highlights its positive reception by practitioners too.  Some 97% say they ‘would attend another similar IHBC event’, while the huge level of sector learning we supported is clear from the – perhaps surprising but again very welcome – 14% of delegates who were attending their first webinar.  Even better, three quarters reckoned the School comfortably addressed their CPD requirements; a triumph for a digital event constructed at such aggressively short notice, on such a new platform, and with so much competition out there from free access events.’

Interim and partial feedback from participants indicates that:

  • 97% would attend another similar IHBC event
  • 86% rated the School ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’ value for money
  • For 75%, the event ‘met their own training or CPD requirements completely or sufficiently’
  • For 14% it was first webinar or on-line conference.

‘…three quarters reckoned the School comfortably addressed their CPD requirements’


  • More than a quarter of delegates were not IHBC-members
  • Top cities represented by bookings included Swindon. London, Edinburgh and Bradford
  • UK and Ireland naturally dominated the countries, with continental Europe too, but participants also reached us from New Zealand, India, Australia, South Africa, Indonesia, China, Canada and the US.

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