‘Head of Function’ posts on offer with HoP Restoration and Renewal Programme: various closing dates

Up to six ‘Head of Function’ posts are on offer at the Houses of Parliament (HoP) linked to its Restoration and Renewal Programme, with various closing dates.

The Programme leads write:

The Palace of Westminster, home of the Houses of Parliament, is one of our most treasured buildings. Recognised the world over, it is the symbolic heart of our democracy and nation.

But the Palace is falling apart faster than it can be repaired. Our mission is to save the Palace and create a working home for parliamentary democracy for generations to come.

Head of function roles include:

  • Head of Architecture
  • Head of Sustainability
  • Head of Design Management
  • Head of Heritage & Collections
  • Head of Technical Assurance
  • Head of Engineering (Design)

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Background on the restoration

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