The future of architect regulation: ARB’s call for evidence, closing 23 October

logoARB has launched its Call for Evidence a strand in its wider research programme to inform the review of its regulatory model and architects’ competence.

Architects Registration Board(ARB) reports:

… This research is part of one of the largest projects ARB has conducted and will inform ARB’s review of what the standard of entry to the Architects Register, and competences to remain on it, should be to meet the challenges of the future. As well as defining the competences, the review will support the development of the regulatory processes needed to ensure they are met.

The full programme of research includes:

  • A Call for Evidence open to any interested party
  • A survey emailed to all UK architects
  • A survey of employers of architects
  • Qualitative interviews with a sample of staff and students from Schools of Architecture
  • Consultations with other stakeholders such as relevant professional groups, client groups and insurers
  • Workshops to test the research findings…

Call for Evidence

This seeks views and evidence from all interested parties on whether the current Criteria (educational standards) remain fit for purpose, and whether current systems are effective in ensuring architects remain sufficiently competent as long as they are registered. It will remain open until 23 October 2020 at noon….

ARB started the process of designing the research and appointing lead consultants SQW earlier this year.  The research will provide the vital evidence base to underpin the Competence Review. The real experiences of architects, employers, clients, stakeholders, academics and students are therefore central to this important piece of work.

Alan Kershaw, Acting Chair of ARB, said: ‘This is a vital review for ARB and for UK architects at a time of rapid change and development. We are determined to maintain an effective regulatory system that enables the profession to thrive and assures the public of architects’ competence. In addition to COVID-19, the profession have had to confront the many technological, material, environmental, educational and political factors which have evolved since we last reviewed the Criteria in 2010. This review must be grounded on a robust evidence base, which is why we have invested in this programme of research.’

Marc Stoner, Acting Chief Executive of ARB, said: ‘The review and research is timed to define how to take forward the legislative power to monitor competence which is due to come in at the end of 2021. This must be based on the real experiences, challenges and opportunities of 21st century architects.  To all interested parties, I would really encourage you to contribute your views and comments to help us shape the future of our regulation.’

SQW will report on findings in early in 2021, after which ARB will progress the next stages of the review.

For background see the ARB website

See the Call for Evidence

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