IHBC’s new CPD Circular School Edition update: Lord Kerslake welcomes; School sponsors MFL Affinity takes MarketPlace Stall, and much more!

The IHBC has issued an update of the School edition of the CPD Circular, with new details including the virtual Brighton School’s Principal Sponsors MFL Affinity’s MarketPlace stall and a welcome from Lord Kerslake, CPP APPG Vice Chair, alongside guidance on making the most of the CPD opportunities on offer and more.


welcome to delegates from Lord Kerslake

… special welcome to our partners and the School’s Principal Sponsor, MFL Affinity

The IHBC writes:

Welcome to this special edition update of the IHBC’s dedicated virtual 2021 Brighton School CPD Circular…

Headline updates include new MarketPLace stalls with, among other arrivals, a special welcome to our partners and the School’s Principal Sponsor, MFL Affinity.  The MFL Affinity stall will guide delegates on covers and claims in Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Another new development is the welcome to delegates from Lord Kerslake, a central player across the School’s themes integrating ‘historic places’ and ‘people places’.  Previous senior posts extend from local to central government and beyond, and his role now as Vice Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Conservation, Places and People (CPP APPG).  If you join the MarketPlace Stall exploring our role as CPP APPG secretariat, you’ll understand better the huge challenges faced!

We also now offer Single Session Options for the Thursday webinars, for only £10+VAT, and you can extend that booking even to cover the School’s 2 days if you want!

The Circular hopefully captures the range of our School CPD, but less obvious is the diverse learning platforms and arrangements to ease the burdens of screen-time or other commitments.  These include live attendance of course, with questions and debate opportunities, both more formal (Friday) and informal (Thursday).  We offer pre-School question facilities – with free place prizes to inspire you – and session recordings, all especially useful for those not able to attend a live session.  The huge diversity of MarketPLace stalls offers even more variety in your experience, from discussion and challenge to demos and maybe even 1-to-1, with most stalls using accessible Zoom sessions.

Delegates should take particular note that attendance at all or any broadcasts is not essential; recording and resources will be available after the School, but only to those who’ve booked!

We’ll be sending out Delegate Guidance soon too, which will offer more detail to help mitigate some of the devastation of the pandemic.  Here’s just a taster:

  • Links to individual recorded sessions
  • Select records of contributions by participants
  • Speakers’ responses and thoughts on specific questions
  • Feedback from social media activity
  • Select event analytics, including on CPD
  • Support for developing digital media technology
  • Advice on the extensive NewsBlog guidance and updates on the Aberdeen 2022 School.

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