Give someone their fondest memories for 2020: #IHBCMarshAwards nominations now open for ‘retired IHBC members’ and/or ‘successful learners’, closing 29/02/20

IHBC Marsh AwardsThe IHBC’s Marsh Awards, developed in partnership with the Marsh Christian Trust, has entered its successful fifth year with the launch of the two 2020 Awards – one celebrating civic contributions of retired IHBC members, and one for successful learning in heritage skills – with prizes for each that include £500 and a free place at the IHBC’s Brighton 2020 Annual School, with a closing date for this year of 29 February 2020.

IHBC President launches next IHBC Marsh Awards: ‘Your new chance to nominate ‘retired IHBC members’ and/or ‘successful learners’ for our awards’, closing 29 Feb 2020

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